Common Substrates You Can Print Using Laser Engraving Machine

Common Substrates You Can Print Using Laser Engraving Machine

One of the biggest innovation in the printing industry is the coming of laser technology. It is the latest technology that has revolutionised the printing industry due to its versatility. One of the key features that makes laser engraving popular is the ability to print a huge number of substrates.

But which are the main substrates that laser engraving machines can be used for? Well, the list is huge. In fact, these are the kind of machines that can print on any machine in the industry. Here are some of the substrates you can print on:


One of the substrates that laser engraving machines work on is the glass. These machines can engrave anything on your glass items, including names, numbers, images, and so. Laser engraving machines can work on all types of glass regardless of the depth that you want to engrave. What you need is to set your machine to achieve that depth. It is also important to buy a machine that is designed for engraving glass among other substrates. So when you see those fine engraving on your wine glass, it’s a laser engraving machine.


There are all kinds of woods used in the market, and the laser engraving machine makes a perfect option for their printing. Unlike the typical points and other forms of old painting options, laser engraving leaves a permanent mark on the wood, and that’s why it is getting popular in the market. Whether it is timber or plywood, you can use these machines to make marks on them. Do not forget that check the power of the machine when buying to get a perfect one for your needs.


Rubber is another substrate that can be engraved using laser machines. If you have rubber products and wondering the best method to leave a lasting mark on them, then rubber would be a perfect option. Be sure that laser engraving machine you are buying has rubber material as one of the substrates.


The metal material is probably one of the tough materials to engrave. But with laser engraving machines, you can engrave any of the metals have the images that you want. However, you might need a more powerful machine to engrave metals.


Last but not least is concrete substrates. If you have a concrete floor, wall, or any other concrete surface that you would like to engrave, use laser engraving machine. They will produce very precise images as designed on the computer.