Hacks To Getting The Best Rock Auger Tips

Hacks To Getting The Best Rock Auger Tips

The drilling industry is one of the most lucrative places to put your money in. However, it is also one of the most demanding fields due to its high rate of wear and tear of machines and parts. You need to make a lot of cutter tools replacements to keep your machine working.

But what most people don’t know is that you can actually buy rock auger tips that last for a longer time. These are parts that can withstand the most abrasive conditions and still deliver quality services. Here are some of the best. Here tips that you can buy such auger tips:

Material Quality

One of the crucial factors that you need to consider when selecting the best rock auger tips is the material. There are many types of materials that you are used for the making of auger cutter tools. Some of these materials are not strong enough to provide the needed hardness to handle the most demanding conditions. That’s why you need to buy tips that are made from the highest quality materials. For the best drilling bits tips, they should be made from the highest grade tungsten carbide. It is one of the metals in the industry today.

Hardening Techniques

Apart from the quality of materials, you need to consider the techniques used for the hardening of the rock auger tips. Having the best quality materials does not guarantee that your drilling machine will deliver peak performance. There are many techniques used for the hardening of machine parts. They include hot forging, cold forging, and tungsten carbide hardening, among others. So, you need to check the kind of technique the manufacturer has used. Check the quality of these techniques to ensure that they are using the best tools.

Versatility In Use

Versatility is another thing that you need to check to buy the best rock auger tips. Drilling surfaces are quite versatile. You might be drilling a soft surface, but the next job takes you re working on a rocky surface. That’s why you need to consider the issue of versatility in auger tips seriously. Make sure that you have checked the quality of the materials used and the joint to buy versatile auger tips. For the joint, you need to go brazing technology. Brazing tungsten carbide to steel in drilling bits produces one of the strongest joints in the industry. Buy drilling bits that have tungsten carbide tips brazed.